Pond Life…”Moi” ?

Having just read another article  referring to the Blogger “Plankton”  and how she finds herself middle-aged and single and apparently at the bottom of sexual food chain, I am again amused and bemused by how she is finding it “out there”. It sounds both sad, lonely and bloody awful and I have to say the complete opposite […]

What are men actually good for….

I am often asked by all and sundry when discussing my single status…”Dont you want to meet someone” ?. I always shake my head and answer not at the moment. What they mean by the “Someone” is a man who I can call my own..a man to share my life and my bed and of course my […]

Just when I thought I was over him …..

I have made no secret of my preferences for the younger man and in the last three years I have enjoyed myself to the full. Dating a number of gorgeous toyboys  and revelling in my new-found freedom.  Of course despite my best intentions and warnings from friends it was inevitable that somewhere along the way I […]

Riots, Stress and Willy Pictures!

The riots of the last week have totally freaked me out!  (and half the UK population) When I was out in Enfield Town with a bunch of girlfriends Saturday evening, drinking and going from pub to wine bar without a care in the world I had no inkling that the very next evening the  ancient  market  town of Enfield would be […]

Sorry cant make it…my Budgie is sick…

Since my excursion in the world of playing “Mrs Robinson” I have had one thing hammered home with unswerving regularity…Toyboys are with our doubt the most unreliable of the species.  I have heard more excuses than the number of hair extensions on my head.  Top of the list has to be “I lost my phone” […]

“The Mrs Robinson Effect”

I was surprised to read the article in the Mail yesterday regarding fellow blogger “Plankton” who was finding being single again in her forties painful and lonely experience. It would seem that a lot of woman in a similar age bracket and situation agreed with her lament.  Well Ladies, I can assure you that all is […]