About Gaynor

Hello, I’m Gaynor Evans a single older woman trying to juggle a busy work and family life around a love of writing and Toyboys!! . For the naughty stuff read my book ‘ Sex and The Signposts’ available on Amazon. “I used to be Snow White but I drifted” Mae West

Having found myself abandoned by my husband of twenty years for a younger woman (A friend and neighbour!!! GRRRRR) I was single again and had no idea which way to go. Unable to fall apart and give in to despair, I had to be strong for my children, my whole life was turned on its head.

Here I was single again, having to move house and start all over. Broken but not dead I thought right woman!! you have just bloody well got to get on with it! With my confidence at zero I started to venture out and about but inside my head I was thinking “this is going to be awful, whose gonna want an old second hand bird like me ?”

But fuelled with a few Gin and Tonics a lot of slap and a few visits to the Beauty Salon I began to get attention.  Not as you may think from the nice grey haired gentleman that sit in the corner of the  pub and just want someone to cook clean and wash their socks!! but from the rather fit and gorgeous younger variety.

I thought at first that they were having a joke but realised very quickly that these propositions were deadly serious. I pinched myself a couple of times (finding much more than and inch!!) and thought now what shall I do.? Having found my libido hiding under the bed (where my Ex had put it) and revved up on HRT I found these attentions harder and harder to resist….so one day, throwing caution and my knickers to the wind I said yes!  thus  begining my journey into the arms of the younger man.

My family of course did not all see it from my point of view and so the struggle begins….but as they say “we are here for a good time not a long time” ……

So inspired was I by my new life that I began to  keep an explicit diary of my experiences, which I have turned into a book.  So for the naughty stuff  read  Sex and The Signposts

Hope you enjoy my blog and please feel free to comment. You can email me at gingerbirdevans@hotmail.com

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