I was incensed recently when on another ‘regular’ dating website I received a generic email from it’s owner, laying down the law about approaching people on his site that were younger than you. In his ignorance he had used an example of an older man approaching a younger woman (It was as if the reverse of […]

“your only as old as the man that you feel”   Extracts from my Book…Enjoy   ‘Resplendent in a red dress, with high heels to match, and glass of champagne in hand, I supervised his removal from my life and into the waiting van.  I asked sarcastically “Now have you got everything?”  His response was a steely glare.  I smiled sipping my champagne as […]


Internet dating can be great fun and I have on the whole had nothing  but positive experiences…but there is always going to be the “Odd” one or two…. Visiting my favorite website “Toyboywarehouse” (TBW)  I found a message had popped into my inbox and frankly the picture attached had my pulse racing..he was gorgeous.  I […]

Pond Life…”Moi” ?

Having just read another article  referring to the Blogger “Plankton”  and how she finds herself middle-aged and single and apparently at the bottom of sexual food chain, I am again amused and bemused by how she is finding it “out there”. It sounds both sad, lonely and bloody awful and I have to say the complete opposite […]